We are a certified B company responsible and sustainable tourism operator in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, creator of eco-friendly trips and with purposes; through experiential experiences and fair trade with all biosafety protocols against covid19. Likewise, we offer personalized trips in open spaces, in protected natural areas, in indigenous and vulnerable communities connecting heart, mind and body. National and international air ticket services, travel insurance, accommodation, healthy box lunches and personalized transportation. We carry out a hybrid business model that combines productive and philanthropic activities in a single innovative strategy with a social and eco-friendly approach, ensuring that the main beneficiary is a local resident and his community, along with the tourist and their experiential experiences.

Purchasing purpose

10% of your purchase is invested in socio-environmental projects directed by our NGO Red Ecovoluntariado Nassf Latin America, which focuses on socio-environmental projects in protected natural areas and in indigenous and / or vulnerable communities. We are committed to reinvesting at least 50% in our social mission.







Native Art

Ceramics & Textiles

Getting to know families


I want to thank you for organizing the most impressive journey of all. It was brilliant the way we got to Machu Picchu. Getting to the Sacred Valley first was a great way to get used to the altitude. Helen and I are very happy!! 🙂

Mark Jance / Facebook

We want to thank you for an amazing and well-organized trip. It was a pleasure working with you on the trip planning and all your good recommendations. Also, give your quick answers to each question. We were very happy.

Mery Ambrosi / Facebook

Thank you for planning a wonderful trip to Peru for us. We had a fantastic, worry-free trip and loved everything we saw and what we did. Our guides were wonderful, and our accommodations were fun and memorable.

John Bellini

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