by: Dra. Liccet Suarez A. – CEO & Founder of Nassf Travel

Translated by: Lic. Benny P. – International Business Coordinator at Nassf Travel


Last Sunday Nassf Travel eco-volunteers organized Bajada de Reyes event for 60 shipibos conibos children, they are from the second community of Cantagallo in the zone of Campoy, San Juan de Lurigancho; where there are 20 families. They decided to hire a land inside of a room that it is located at the beginning of the hill and they can continue living in the community while the new Cantagalo is building in Rimac.

After the fire in Cantagallo (November 2016); where more than 2000 people were affected, they lost everything but the value of their abilities and knowledge of generation in generation didn’t get destroyed. So, they are starting again little by little. Our colaborator Shipiba Conibba – native Artist Vilma Maynas says “for our children and grandchildren we must continue”.  With that power to continue and fight every day to improve our economy and see the kids running for all the community, this make us stronger day by day, so we are working for the communities and giving them joy and a smile with a caring environment mindset to their children.

This is why, the eco-volunteers during 2 months, they were encouraging to recollect donations of toys, clothes and school materials, etc. Thanks to the eco-volunteers, friends and families and 3 organizations that they were La Cruz Roja filial Lima, Coca-cola and SERNANP program those companies were very important because, we could achieve our objective. In this event we had a program where the eco-volunteers made painted little faces to the shipibos conibos children in order to make an environment mindset with the painting. Also there was a marionette show and a clown show that were organized for the environment conservation group from SERNANP program.

Finally, the Nassf Travel eco-volunteers gave gifts, school material and other little things to the shipibos conibos children. Also we gave blankets and bed sheets to every family.

We believe that our collaborators and providers will continue encouraging the sustainable development and together we can reach our objectives so as to have a sustainable and inclusive economy. Besides that, we can make a social impact and improve the life quality. We also care the abilities and talent of ours ancestors. Moreover, we are literally caring the environment for the communities. You can know more about us in