By: Dra. Liccet Suarez A. – Nassf Travel Founder

The Nassf Travel Eco-volunteers developed the social activity “Clean and Sustainable Neighborhood” for local residents of La Cumbre community, located in the Nueva Rinconada sector in Pamplona Alta, San Juan de Miraflores District; This is part of the Ayni Social Project, a project that brings together different civil society organizations of the Volunteer Network, at the same time, promoted by the United Nations Development Programme – UNDP-DIPECHO with the objective of contributing to a sustainable development and strengthening the community resilience of vulnerable areas affected by disasters.

Based on the diagnosis of the problematic reality of La Cumbre Community, prepared by TECHO (A Roof for my Country), who diagnosed that in the area more than 77 families are sheltered since 2000. It is important to mention that 51% of the families are made up of women; also, that they do not have potable water and sewage services; with the palliative that 74% of families did finish high school. Because of the realities expressed, the organizations of the Volunteer Soy Network (I’m Network) decided to intervene with the Ayni Social Project in that area.

On Earth Day, April 22, 2018 to pay homage to our planet and recognize the earth as our mother, the Nassf Travel Eco-volunteers began the first training as part of the Ayni Social Project, between walks, an intense sun, greeting to the people of the area, visiting the local houses and also greeting different pets that welcomed us with joy; After climbing a cracked hill surrounded by many wooden houses, they arrived at the community center of La Cumbre to begin training in solid waste management. The Nassf Travel Eco-volunteers taught the community in a practical way how we should take care of our nature, our Pachamama, as they call our land, because without taking care of the environment no matter how much effort we make if we continue to pollute we will lose our nature, our “land ” For this reason, we teach them how they can separate their solid waste: glass, paper and cardboard, plastic, technopor and organic. Based on this, they were trained in how they can develop their businesses with recycling and, at the same time, it can be a generator of income.

Also, the participants were explained how to be part of our program “Conociendo Familias Emprendedoras” (meeting Enterprising Families); which consists of generating fair work according to their family culture and their undertaking that day after day they work to improve their quality of life and those of their generations; they were made to understand that this has a unique value for the tourist with responsible consumption who travels with social and environmental responsibility. At the same time, it seeks to contribute to a vulnerable area family.

After a nice share of fruits like bananas, tangerines, apples; and thanks to “NutriShake Andino” who donated Vegan cookies, made from quinoa, for all participants. The villagers together with the Nassf Travel Ecovolunteers form recycling brigades to start cleaning the community and collect the waste that we find on the road; for this, we put on our gloves and each one with green bags, we added to clean the neighborhood to achieve the goal of collecting the waste for recycling and then deliver it to the formal recyclers in the area of Pamplona Alta who belong to the “Ciudad Saludable” (Healthy City) organization; thanks to the management with this organization, Hilda and Pedro, as representatives of this Environmental Recycling Association, came to La Cumbre to take in their van the more than 15 bags full of material to recycle; their smile and their comments that is not garbage, but recycling, reinforced our message that they are recyclers with pride and that it is their means of generating economic income. With that shared joy, we managed to conclude the event in La Cumbre Community and say that this will continue.

Finally, we trust that our allies, eco-volunteers, collaborators and suppliers will continue contributing and adding to the objectives of sustainable development and together working for a sustainable and inclusive economy, in this way, generate a social impact for the improvement of the quality of life of those who need it most, valuing the skills and talents of the communities; thus, as the care of the environment for the common good of our land and its people.

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