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Description of the Ecovoluntariate Program:

Our ecovoluntariate program is financed with 5% of the sales generated by Nassf Travel that allows us to continue making field trips to different vulnerable areas. The ecovolunteers part of the program support, train in different topics such as solid waste management, disaster reduction management, nature care, among other topics. In addition, ecovolunteers are responsible for developing self-sustainable projects for the well-being of local residents of indigenous communities and communities in vulnerable areas. Be part of us! 
Currently, we support different communities in vulnerable areas such as:
  • San Juan de Lurigancho Chosica,
  • San Juan de Miraflores
  • Cocachacra – Huarochirí,
  • Community of Cantagallo in Lima,
  • Community of San Francisco in Pucallpa,
  • Community of Paucarquillo and Comunidad de los Matsés in Loreto.
  • Peasant communities of Vicha – Pisaq in Cusco.

If you only want to help, the ecovolunteers guarantee that your donations will reach the hands of each local resident. Be part of us with your donations: ecovoluntarios@nassftravel.com or WhatsApp: +51 971881685

Ecovoluntariate Program

Join a community

Addressed: Foreign

Duration: 15 days more
Places:Lima, Pucallpa, Loreto, Cusco and others
Season: All year round

Experienced volunteer


Duration: 1 day to more
Place: Lima, Chosica, San Juan de Miraflores and others
Season: All year round

Volunteer without experience

Addressed: Peruvians

Duration: 1 day to more
Lugar: Lima, Chosica, San Juan of Miraflores and others
Season: All year round

Corporate volunteers

Adressed: Companies, public and private organizations

Duration: 1 day to more
Lugar: Lima and place to choose
Season: All year round