Description of the Ecovoluntariate Program:

We are a Non-Profit Civil Association Red Ecovoluntariado Nassf Latinoamérica made up of professionals, students, artists, community leaders, entrepreneurs and businessmen who share the same philosophy of love for nature and community development. We develop socio-environmental projects in favor of protected natural areas and communities in poverty or extreme poverty.

Our commitment is to mutually work with the communities to improve their quality of life, while continuing to safeguard the environment and ancestral culture.

Currently, we support different communities in vulnerable areas in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

If you only want to help, the ecovolunteers guarantee that your donations will reach the hands of each local resident. Be part of us with your donations: or WhatsApp: +51 971881685

Socio-environmental project

Eco-friendly Good Practices and Social Entrepreneurship Project

The project consists of developing good eco-friendly practices and social entrepreneurship in indigenous and vulnerable communities in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia so that the inhabitants acquire actions that reduce the negative environmental impact caused by bad practices in terms of solid waste management. The implementation of these good eco-friendly practices is assumed by the community with activities that they can take advantage of for the implementation of an eco-friendly business through solid waste management. For the development of these good practices, the selected communities participate in a process of thirteen training sessions that is led by the Red Ecovoluntariado Nassf Latinoamérica.

Nassf Resilience Plan against covid19

Addressed: Indigenous and vulnerable communities

Duration: 15 days or more
Season: All year round

Solid Waste Management: A Clean and Sustainable Neighborhood

Addressed: Local people, eco-volunteers, public and private organizations.

Duration: 1 day or more
Season: All year round

Good Deeds Day

Addressed: Local people, ecovolunteers, public and private organizations.

Duration: 1 day or moreLocation: Lima, Cusco, Loreto, Ucayali, Guayaquil, Girardot, and others.
Season: All year round

Ecofestival Nassf

Addressed: Artists of all genres, companies in all fields, public and private organizations.

Duration: 1 day or moreLocation: Lima and a place of your choice.
Season: November – December

Community Leadership Empowerment

Addressed: Professionals and the general public with a vocation for service.
Duration: 1 day or more

Location: Lima and a place of your choice.
Season: All year round