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A sustainable Travel Agency with social and environmental responsibility

A sustainable Travel Agency with social and environmental responsibility

By: Dra. Liccet Suarez A. – CEO & Founder of Nassf Travel

Nassf Travel is a personalized travel agency, focused on sustainable tourism. Developed to contribute to the SDGs (sustainable development goals); for this reason, it is intended for tourists with responsible and specialized consumption, but above all, who like environmentally and socially responsible travel. Likewise, Nassf Travel was created from two scientific investigations to contribute to indigenous communities and communities in vulnerable areas that are offered a fairer and more dignified trade according to their skills and talents, while taking care of the environment and the cultural valuation. For this, we have programs of travel styles to the taste and measure of the tourist based on sustainable experiences, worked from experiential workshops that reflect our commitment to work mutually with the communities so that they improve their quality of life, without ceasing to safeguard the environment. Likewise, 5% of our sales are directed to our eco-volunteer program, who is in charge of helping, training and empowering self-sustaining projects for the well-being of local residents in vulnerable areas.

SDG 12 RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION: with the consumption of sustainable travel services, we seek to promote the efficient use of tourism resources, above all, that they do not damage or alter the geographical space. For this reason, it is sought to visit the place with a restricted carrying capacity, thus, not generating a greater carbon footprint. Also, without leaving aside the revaluation of ancestral culture and care for the environment. Related to this geographical and cultural care, job opportunities are provided in a fair and equitable manner to our collaborators and support agents. To give this sustainability, our experiential programs and workshops have been created for a determined maximum of people.

We believe that to promote sustainable travel and eco-friendly practices, we must educate our collaborators and the different agents that participate in our service value chain, since they are the ones who guide and inform the value and importance of our culture and geography.

Our models of sustainable experiences are the four experiential workshops that we have created: Native Art, Ceramics and Textiles, Knowing Entrepreneurial Families, Gastronomy and Market, these workshops have been generated to show the indigenous or the local settler in their natural and cultural. Those indigenous or settlers are selected according to their skills and talents so that they can interact with the tourist, since both have the opportunity to participate and share their experiences based on cultural and ancestral valuation, as well as gastronomic valuation, family valuation and Caring for the environment. Likewise, the tourist has the possibility of taking a tangible product with emotional and functional benefits, elaborated in an individual and collective way. In this sense, living sustainable experiences or buying sustainable trips contributes to giving a job in a fair and balanced way. In addition to contributing to the fact that Nassf eco-volunteers can continue training and sensitizing communities in vulnerable areas in separate waste collection and disaster prevention through our eco-volunteering program.

SDG 8 DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH. We trust that our collaborators and suppliers contribute to this SDG and together contribute to a sustainable and inclusive economy, thus generating a social impact to improve the quality of life of those who need it most. That is why, we take care of and guarantee that sustainable trips are scheduled with providers of proven social sensitivity and that they are also contributing to decent and inclusive work. When selecting our suppliers, whether they are transportation, hotels, restaurants, or any special requirement that the tourist is looking for, we verify that they have proven social and environmental responsibility practices that help add to the goal of sustainable development.

We are confident that we can make our Peru known as a country that offers sustainable travel with responsibility in the environmental care of its tourist resources, the well-being of the communities and its people. Learn more about us at

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