Non profit civil association

Description of the experience

We are a Non profit civil association Red Ecovoluntariado Nassf Latinoamerica  made up of professionals, students, artists, community leaders, entrepreneurs and businessmen who share the same philosophy of love for nature and community development . We develop socio-environmental projects in favor of protected natural areas and communities in poverty or extreme poverty.

Our commitment is to mutually work with the communities to improve their quality of life, while safeguarding the environment and ancestral culture.

Currently, we support different communities in vulnerable areas in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Our Vision

The vision of the Nassf Latin America Ecovolunteering Network is to expand the organization throughout Latin America in order to continue developing sustainable and sustainable projects over time, which allow the development of good practices and care for nature for peasant and indigenous communities in vulnerable areas.

Our Mission

The mission of the Nassf Latin America Ecovolunteering Network is to develop socio-environmental projects in favor of protected natural areas, peasant, indigenous and vulnerable communities, supported by professionals specialized in different areas who support in different ways the projects that are being developed in the different communities; In addition, we have students, artists, community leaders, entrepreneurs and businessmen who share the same philosophy of love for nature and community development.



We feel committed to those who need it most, we demand more every day so that all our projects and programs are effective, contributing to the prosperity of the communities and the fulfillment of our mission.


It is our desire to help others without the intention of receiving something in return, which comes from within each of the members of the NGO, whose value is essential for the achievement of the common good.


We recognize and defend cultural, social and natural diversity promoting peace and coexistence between people in our environment and sustainable development.


We are inspiration for others, showing courage with our actions and giving the best of each one to face adversities that affect our socio-environmental projects in favor of the communities.



For the NGO, teamwork is very important, we seek the participation and commitment of the inhabitants, joining efforts, skills and competencies for the development and growth of the communities.

Willingness to change

With our actions we generate change and empowerment of the communities, creating initiatives and actions for continuous improvement through our community leaders.




If you just want to help, the ecovolunteers guarantee that your donations arrive in the hands of each local inhabitant. Be part of us with your donations:

Our Team

Our Philosophy

Love of nature

Community development

Our Methodology

Servant leadership

Greenleaf (1977) defines servant leadership as “The natural desire to serve first and lead later”, as a natural consequence of serving others; and not the other way around, and as one of the main purposes or motivations of the human condition.

Shared responsibility

Larruga (2000) “a concerted action by all the actors involved, who must cooperate with each other (…) (the concept of” shared responsibility “) implies not so much the selection of a certain level to the detriment of another , but, rather, a mixed intervention of actors and instruments at the appropriate levels”



Building Good Deeds

Organizations that support us

Socio-environmental project

Eco-friendly Good Practices and Social Entrepreneurship Project

The project consists of developing good eco-friendly practices and social entrepreneurship in indigenous and vulnerable communities in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia so that the inhabitants acquire actions that reduce the negative environmental impact caused by bad practices in terms of solid waste management. The implementation of these good eco-friendly practices is assumed by the community with activities that they can take advantage of for the implementation of an eco-friendly business through solid waste management. For the development of these good practices, the selected communities participate in a process of thirteen training sessions that is led by the Nassf Latin America Eco-volunteering Network

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