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NASSF TRAVEL: Green Latin America Awards 2018, Guayaquil – Ecuador

By: Dr. Liccet Suarez Amapanqui

Premios Latinoamerica

Latin America Green Awards is a socio-environmental event in Guayaquil, Ecuador and a green showcase for large companies to micro-enterprises; all of them aligned with the objectives of Sustainable Development (SDG). Likewise, these companies have the potential for innovation, social and environmental responsibility, contributing to boost the green, equitable and inclusive economy.

In this 5th edition of the Latin America Green Awards 2018, 2,733 projects from 713 cities and 38 countries participated in different categories: Water, Forests and Fauna, Sustainable Cities, Human Development, Energy, Fauna, Sustainable Finance, Solid Waste Management, Oceans and Production and Responsible consumption.

The Nassf Travel project: Sustainable Experiences representing Peru in Latin America Green Awards ranked 14th in the Human Development and Social Inclusion Category and in the general ranking ranked 55th. Which was a great opportunity as a sustainable tourism operator. In Peru, publicize the purpose of generating fair work for indigenous artists and local residents of vulnerable areas, preserving ancestral skills and talents and promoting eco-friendly practices through sustainable and responsible tourism to improve the quality of life of communities with self-sustaining projects. .

Expo - Latinoamerica Verde

During the days 14, 15 and 16 of August in Puerto Santa Ana, in Guayaquil. Nassf Travel had the opportunity to participate with a stand at the Expo – Latin America Green; where we show visitors the trips with purposes, through the ancestral art route, the works of the indigenous artists Brus Rubio, Jacob Quevare, Harry Pinedo, Becxilda Agustin, Vilma Maynas and Roldan Pinedo that allowed them to learn more about their communities and nature. All of them artists of different ethnic groups (Murui, Bora, Shipibos-Conibos) from Loreto, Ucayali and Lima. As well as different textiles, costume jewelery and handicrafts with a unique ancestral value made by indigenous women and men who contributed to knowing the ancestral culture. Likewise, the experiential Shipibo-conibo Art workshop was developed with Wilma Maynas for all those who liked to make an ancestral painting live. With the support of Carolyn Suarez, part of the eco-volunteer program, we were able to show at the Green Latin America Expo, the purpose in favor of sustainability and indigenous communities.

We trust that we can achieve that our Peru is known as a country that offers sustainable travel with responsibility in the environmental care of its tourist resources, in the valuation of the ancestral culture, the well-being of vulnerable communities and its people.

Reconocimiento de proyectos socio amigables

Undoubtedly, this recognition of being part of the 500 best socio-environmental projects helps us to strengthen Nassf Travel and continue offering services in a responsible manner, contributing to the economic well-being of artists and communities.

Finally, a special thanks to the organizers of Premios Latinoamérica Verde, to SAMBITO (Soluciones Ambientales Totales), Banco de Inversión Sostenible, Programa Televisivo UCSG- Desde la U and Radio UCSG Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil for the opportunity to publicize the purpose of Nassf Travel. #CambiarEsPosible.

Premio Latinoamerica Verde

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