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About us?

“Our commitment as the Nass Family is to mutually work with communities to improve their quality of life, while continuing to safeguard the environment.”

NASSF Travel is a personalized travel agency, focused on sustainable tourism. Aimed at specialized tourists and / or researchers who get involved in a more direct and participatory way in a sustainable way manner; interested in the protection of endangered species, accompanying on vacations oriented to a better know of nature from a scientific point of view, with respect for the natural environment and its people. In this sense, we work with native and rural communities that truly take care of their nature.

Our Vision

To be a travel agency recognized internationally for generating fair trade and offering trips with sustainable purposes and experiences, involving local residents with tourists in a more direct and participatory way in indigenous and peasant communities, respecting the natural environment and culture ancestral.

Our Mission

Generate fair trade for indigenous and peasant communities, conserve ancestral skills and talents and promote eco-friendly practices through sustainable tourism to improve the quality of life of communities with self-sustainable projects.


Social responsibility

We unconditionally support vulnerable indigenous and peasant communities the conservation of the environment.


The Nassf Family is committed to acting sincerely and honestly, being consistent with the truth in what is done, what is thought and what is said.


We promote a different way of traveling, carrying out activities with good sustainable, supportive and friendly practices with our environment.

Ethical Principles


In the Nassf Family we promote the development and empowerment of communities by integrating the services of local companies. At Nassf we believe that it is the best way to promote the economy of the communities that host us.

Professional commitment

At Nassf Family we do the things that we like and are excited about, committed to giving you the best experience on each of your trips.

Commitment to the environment

We promote sustainable tourism, minimizing the impact on the environment, committed to preserving the environment and in projects that defend the protection of nature.


We firmly believe in a development model based on respect for customs, local traditions, and the environment.

Nassf’s Story

The history of the Nassf Family beggins with the creation of the name “Sustainable Nature Without Borders” following two scientific investigations deep in the jungle, carried out by Liccet Suarez, who grew up loving the Peruvian jungle because her father Risto Suarez and her grandmother Lucynda Gonzales were natives of these parts; meanwhile, they taught her the true secrets of the Amazon, and, above all, love and respect for its people and its nature. That is why on her first trip to the jungle, she identified the Shipibo Conibo community of San Francisco in Pucallpa in 2000 and returned to enter the community in 2003, where she carried out her first scientific research in Tourism. Subsequently, the second scientific investigation was motivated and encouraged by the protection of the yellow-tailed woolly monkey, an endangered species. Looking for protected natural areas where they house this species is that manages to find the Matsés National Reserve in Loreto and decides to go into the Matsés community to generate scientific research according to the potential that the area presents, she came to make a Proposal of Sustainable Scientific Tourism in the Matsés National Reserve for foreign tourists. There is also a commitment to both native communities, to work together to improve their quality of life, while still safeguarding the environment. Therefore, we decided to start a personalized travel agency specialized in sustainable tourism, with the full commitment to respect and balance between the social and the economic, where not only the business community benefits

also the communities involved; even more, when it will provide job opportunities, according to their talents and particularities. And, without neglecting the care of customs and traditions so that they can be maintained over time for future generations; as well as offering a fair and balanced trade, without neglecting the care of the natural environment.

Finally, the Nassf Family is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism in favor of nature as well as indigenous and rural communities.



On December 17, 2012, Sustainable Nature Without Borders was founded as a consultancy specialized in sustainable tourism with an approach of respect and love towards nature and 2 scientific investigations were carried out based on indigenous communities.


Our Nassf Team

Sustainability Report

Recognition of the First Sustainability Report through the Competitive Business Program for SMEs through the Global Reporting Initiative – GRI, contributing to a Sustainable Peru


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