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Pucará bulls are traditional ceramic bulls, very common in Andean towns in southern Peru such as Cusco, Puno, Ayacucho and Apurímac. Although currently they are already popularized throughout the country and many parts of the world. These little bulls are usually placed on the roofs of houses as a symbol of protection and happiness for the family that resides there.

But… How did this tradition start?
This tradition began with the arrival of the Spanish to the town of Pucará, who brought with them new animals, among them “the bull”. Said animal was included in a festivity that celebrated payment to the land, for which the bull was painted and decorated, and then placed spicy on its nose. It is there where the image of a powerful bull with its eyes wide with irritation, trying to lick its nose and with its tail curled up, something very characteristic of fighting bulls, was captured.

The Chepa Papuja community and its history with the bulls of Pucará

At that time there were many communities in charge of making ceramics for the conquerors, among them the Chepas Pupuja community, recognized for their special care in their work, who began to make the image of these ceramic bulls to maintain a magical-religious culture. among the peasants, who automatically adopted this symbol as Protection, Happiness and Fertility in their homes.
A curious fact regarding Los Chepa Pupuja is that they live in the Checa community, which is not in Pucará. However, they had to take their work to where there was a large number of people, in order to be able to sell their products, especially these bulls, in this way they came to establish their sale at the nearest railway station which was in Pucará, and from there the famous name appears.

Source: iPerú Portal. “Toritos de Pucará, do you know their meaning?”

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