Ancestral dyes and textiles from the Amazon

Tiempo: 3 Hours
3 Hours
Difficulty Easy
3 Hours
Dificultad Easy


Route: Pucallpa – Yarinacocha

Ancestral dyes and textiles from the Amazon

Get to know the ancestral culture of the shipibos conibo, valuing the exchange of cultures.


The climate in the area is warm-temperate, that is, with high temperatures during the day, but mild and cool at night.

The average annual temperature in Pucallpa is 26.7 degrees °C, an average of 30 years of observations.

Purchase of purpose

10% contributes to the Good Eco-Friendly Practices Project and social entrepreneurship in indigenous and vulnerable communities led by our NGO Red Ecovolunteer Nassf Latin America


Pick up from your accommodation. Transfer to a Shipibo-Conibo family specialized in dyeing with natural dyes, who will receive them happily and then carry out activities of integration with the family. The family will explain the history of the Shipiba culture. Also, the work they do according to their ancestral skills and talents. The traveler participates in an ancestral experiential workshop.

It include:

  • Local guide
  • Experiential experience according to the specialization of the family
  • 1 Bottle of water + 2 tangerines + 2 bananas
  • gift with purpose

Does not include:

  • Transport
  • Guide in English or French
  • tips
  • Foods


  • Rates per person in USD$ (American dollars)
  • Rate may vary during holidays or special events
  • Itineraries are subject to change due to weather or other unexpected events

Travel tips

Who is eligible to make this trip?

Eco-responsible traveler and nature lover as a couple, family with children over 5 years old / Difficulty level: Moderate
Maximum altitude:  3800 masl

What to bring

Identity document
Insect repellent
Comfortable clothes
Long pants


Frequent questions

Why buy with us?


Opportunity for empowerment and leadership in indigenous and / or vulnerable communities.


You contribute to the care of nature with a project for the preservation of the environment


You generate fair trade and job opportunities for local people, mostly women from indigenous communities


Every time you buy, between 5% to 10% is invested in socio-environmental projects directed by our NGO Red Ecovoluntariado Nassf Latinoamerica.


Development of the solid waste management project. Rescue of core skills and talents. Community leadership and shared responsibility. sustainable tourism


Delivery of materials for the development of prototypes for your ventures. It is managed and monitored for the creation of formal entrepreneurship and development of responsible tourism in its community


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