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Nassf Travel is a certified B corp, we create personalized and incentive trips with good eco-friendly practices and sustainable experiences. We provide the services of national and international air tickets, travel insurance, accommodation, private transportation, training in sustainability, solid waste management, processes, and quality management for companies and communities. Likewise, we carry out a hybrid business model that combines productive and philanthropic activities in a single innovative strategy with a social and environmental focus, ensuring that the main beneficiary is the local population together with the tourist, while continuing to safeguard the Earth.

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10% of your purchase is invested in socio-environmental projects in indigenous and peasant communities directed by our NGO Red Ecovoluntariado Nassf Latinoamerica. We are committed to reinvesting at least 50% in our social mission.

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Why buy with us?

Your purchases generate opportunities based on three pillars:


Opportunity for empowerment and leadership in indigenous and / or vulnerable communities.


You contribute to the care of nature with a project for the preservation of the environment.


You generate fair trade and job opportunities for local people, mostly women from indigenous communities.

How is it possible to generate opportunities for improvement in the local economy?


Every time you buy, between 5% to 10% is invested in socio-environmental projects directed by our NGO Red Ecovoluntariado Nassf Latinoamerica.


Development of the solid waste management project. Rescue of core skills and talents. Community leadership and shared responsibility in sustainable tourism.


Delivery of materials for the development of prototypes for your ventures. It is managed and monitored for the creation of formal entrepreneurship and development of responsible tourism in its community.

Socio-environmental impact

Residents trained in good practices and social entrepreneurship in indigenous and vulnerable communities.
Endemic species in white sand forest identified.
Solid waste managed properly with our Clean and Sustainable Neighborhood.
Of organic remains recovered.

We commit to the SDGs

Fair trade, decent work and formalization are promoted.

Local consumption is promoted with suppliers from the region, the use of recycled materials and the development of responsible tourism.

The management and handling of solid waste is promoted, the load capacity is respected and noise pollution is avoided.

Strategic alliances with the public and private sectors that contribute to our socio-environmental projects.

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