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Acknowledgments to Nassf Travel towards a sustainable Peru

By: Dr. Liccet Suarez

Nassf Travel, as part of the Brands that Mark and Peru 2021 Directory, received recognition for having made its first sustainability report through the competitive business program for SMEs, contributing towards a Sustainable Peru; This recognition was granted thanks to GRI “Empowering Sustainable Decisions” – Global Reporting Initiative Program and Swiss Cooperation – SECO of the Swiss Embassy in Peru “Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft”.

Reconocimiento Otorgado a Nassf travel - Perú Sostenible

Our report has presented the progress of 2017 in terms of environmental, social and economic impact standards; work of a whole team, collaborators and communities that are part of the Nassf Travel family. The results of sustainability advances expand new frontiers around sustainable tourism that focuses on specialized research, the same that generates fair work spaces for indigenous artists and local residents of vulnerable areas with ancestral skills and talents that are waiting for sustainable job opportunities and fair trade like this. Undoubtedly, this report that has every intention of continuing to offer our services aligned with the pillars of sustainability and fair trade. Also, make it known that Nassf Travel is a social company focused on sustainable tourism that Peru offers with social and environmental responsibility. To that extent, we seek to contribute to the SDGs (sustainable development goals). Aimed at specialized tourists, researchers and tourists with responsible consumption who like sustainable travel, with purpose and who contribute to indigenous communities, based on fairer trade; without leaving aside the care of the environment and ancestral cultural appreciation. In this sense, 5% of Nassf Travel sales goes to the eco-volunteer program; program made up of students and professionals from different specialties, who focus on training, teaching and supporting self-sustaining projects in favor of the inhabitants of vulnerable areas.

Perú viajes sostenibles

We trust that we can achieve that our Peru is known as a country that offers sustainable travel with responsibility in the environmental care of its tourist resources, in the valuation of the ancestral culture, the well-being of vulnerable communities and its people.

Undoubtedly, this recognition helps us to strengthen Nassf Travel and continue to offer services in a responsible manner to the tourists that generate economic well-being for artists and communities.

 Reconocimiento Otorgado a Nassf Travel

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