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The Olinda Priscilla Story in La Cumbre Community

Olinda Priscila and her mother came from Huancayo, Jauja, from the Kero Community to Lima and settled 16 years ago in La Cumbre community, San Juan de Miraflores (located on a cracked hill and, without a doubt, a vulnerable area).

Olinda has ancestral skills and talents that she inherited from her mother, she wakes up every day at 5am and starts the day with chores around the house and also weaving with sheep’s wool; with which, she makes sweaters, bedspreads and ponchos; for a medium quilt it can take approximately 20 days; and she tells us: “I can do it in less time if I dedicate myself all day, but I also have to do the housework.” She has managed to generate her own income for her family thanks to her ancestral skills and talents. Even though she lives in a vulnerable area with the 7 members of her family, she is always supporting the Sunday chores that are carried out in the community; these chores consist of removing stones and cleaning to mark access roads.

In this sense, Olinda is also very involved in the Ayni Project that brings together different civil society organizations from the Red de Soy Voluntaria and Ecovoluntariado Nassf Travel, which is part of this network that aims to contribute to sustainable development and resilience in communities in vulnerable areas affected by disasters.

The efforts, skills and talents of this fighting woman are valued; For this reason, Olinda, along with her family, have been chosen to be part of the ” Conociendo Familias Emprendedoras” program offered by Nassf Travel, which consists of empowering the family and offering tourists who choose to travel with purpose, social and environmental responsibility. This program is a fair job generator directly to the family. Congratulations Olinda.

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