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Huaraz Hermosura
Por Leyla Suarez – Cofundadora de Nassf Travel

When I took this photo, I felt that it had to be in this beautiful place that is located in ANCASH, a beautiful lagoon with turquoise waters, famous in Peru and the world. The energy that this place transmits is relaxing and not only manifests a calmness in oneself, but also helps you to question many things, how mother nature can communicate with us without the need to shout or speak that these places that are ours inhabit, they need our care that only we can maintain them as well as neglect it and leave it forgotten.

Many of the decisions we make in life we don’t think about it 10 times, because some sink you as others take you to the top; throwing away a piece of paper is a fact that is more than enough to sink us, not only the person who performs the act but also their family and the people they love the most; do we love each other enough? and why we do not learn to love our home, our Peru. What inheritance will we leave? and one of the objectives in life is to leave our essence to be remembered in some way, now does your life make sense? So what inheritance will we leave, if we only dedicate ourselves to degrade, to contaminate. If we do not believe it, if we are not capable of raising awareness, we will never move forward, and now, whose fault is it? People always look for excuses and for that there are always third parties, for example: “it’s the president’s fault” when they don’t even think about themselves. What am I doing wrong? and how you could contribute to improve this situation.

Conclusion you want to help, start as a person, feel happy about the life of all this living heritage and let’s not be conformists, let’s seek, let’s demand ourselves, let’s be capable of doing this and much more, all for the living culture and for the love of being Peruvian, feel proud of it.

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